Video Tutorials

Welcome to your online learning portal. The below tutorial videos have been broken down based on permission sets representing two groups of people: (a) Project Creators and/or Administrators and (b) Team Members. Browse through your respective group (or both!) to ensure you are getting the most out of being part of a team on TCPinpoint.

For Project Owners and Administrators

How to build a template
Project Create: Starting a project
Project Create: Scheduling Tasks

Project Create: Scheduling Tasks Backwards
Fixing Task Due Dates (in an Open Project)
Adding & Removing Team Members
Portfolios & Reporting: Creating and Editing

For All Team Members

New to a Project, what’s next?
Navigating the dashboard
The navigation bar
Uploading & downloading documents
Communicating with Team Members
Completing & Closing a Task
Explaining Icons: Project Status
Explaining Icons: Phase Status
Explaining Icons: Task Status