Starting a New Project

Create retail and commercial projects using pre-built templates.

There are a few different ways to start a new project:

  • To start a project from scratch: navigate to the projects list via the ‘projects’ menu item in the top navigation bar. Click the ‘new project’ button in the toolbar.
  • To start a project from a template: with your chosen template open click ‘start new project from template’.
  • To start a project from a specific property: visit the property page and click ‘start new project’ in the property page toolbar.

The first thing a project needs to know is what template is being applied (see building a template). The template informs whether this will be a retail or commercial project, the project workflow, and what roles and team members are assigned to which tasks.

The hard work went into creating the template, now setting up the project is easy!

  1. Template: if you haven’t started your project from within the template screen, you will be prompted to select one from a drop-down menu.
  2. Tenancy:  first, in the ‘property’ search box, begin typing to see pre-populated options and select your property from the options listed (if your property is not available on the system, please contact us). Then choose details of buildings, floors and tenancy space as applicable to your property.
  3. Tenant: add the lessee name, the trading name, and contact details for your tenant contact. Hit ‘OK’ on the tenant card once set.
  4. Lease: fill out lease information requested, and add any lease-specific key dates in the handover, fit out period and opening date fields as applicable.
  5. Key Dates: if you entered dates into any of the fields on the lease tab, you will be prompted to tasks from the workflow (template) to track against these. You can also create your own custom key dates. Learn more about key dates, task scheduling and project tracking.
  6. Project confirmation: if desired, you can edit the project name, add a reference and select the ‘kind’ of project.

Once all details have been entered, hit ‘Create My Project’ and your project work space will start generating!

Tip: Projects can take a few moments to compile. Sit back and watch your workspace populate as you celebrate the hard part of the project planning complete!